Youth Program: Arts and Humanities
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GO seeks to provide an annual opportunity for 20-30 at-risk students attending Youth Service Centers with an innovative enrichment program that combines character education with performing arts. This is an after school program with an objective to enrich young minds through the arts.
This program will benefit: Ages 8 & up; individuals have an interest in learning how to dance, step, write poetry and learn more about the elements of drama.


Some of the Workshop Highlights:
  • Participating in enrichment activities to develop self awareness
  • Team building
  • Self-esteem building
  • Building an interest in performing arts
  • Building consistency with regular daily activities
  • Drawing focus to current events and related cultural values
  • Increasing intellectual curiosity
  • Supporting a long-term learning commitment
  • Building positive learning development
  • Exploring the art of various cultural dances


RATIONALE:  The proposed model provides adequate support for both academic and developmental advancement with an effect at both the elementary and high school level.

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