Youth Program: GO Specialty Gaming


Gaming Objectives
Youth will learn to display good sportsmanship while playing card and board games.  Good sportsmanship || Following Multi-Step Directions || Sharing/Working with Others || Manipulating Game Pieces ||  Analyzing Winning Strategies  || Predict Opponents Moves
This program will benefit: Ages 6 & up; individuals who will enjoy playing games, competing and strategizing.


Some of the Workshop Highlights:
  • Youth will determine the importance of teamwork
  • Youth will become aware of the rules of the game
  • Youth will state and apply game objective (s) to each individual game
  • Youth will apply rules that are agreed upon
  • Youth should master all theme/feature games with at least 80% mastery.

Using designated games for understanding and efficiency of acquired skills, youth should:
  • Develop a sense of awareness
  • Elevate focus and concentrate
  • Learn to think critically
  • Learn organization & self-control
  • Learn mathematical skills
  • Intensify memorization & recall
  • Enhance competitive skills

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