Parenting Program: Family Roles and Responsibilities


This program will benefit single parents and families who are in need of having someone provide their children with support, guidance and instruction.
This program will benefit: ages 8 & up.


Some of the Workshop Highlights:
  • Family literacy levels will be raised through thoughtful discussion.
  •  Scholarly information and facilitation will be provided for small/large groups to participate in skits, role-playing and in a presentation of practical application.
  • There will be specific focus on Family Roles & Responsibilities. Growing On facilitated modules will be provided that will answer questions related to family roles, family ties, the role of literacy and roles vs. responsibilities.
  • There will be an expectation from the participants to engage in the activities and to express themselves openly.
  • The goal is to solicit full participation in the exercises and in conclusion, to present a small group skit designed to apply the knowledge gained during the workshop.
  • Allows creativity and versatility

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